The 2016 edition of the world’s most inspiring, funny, notorious, successful and relaxed biennale, visited by thousands of international magazine makers and enthusiasts, will not return in April 2016. It was a hard decision to make. A lot of things changed for us in the last years. Therefore it’s impossible for us to organize Facing Pages with the same love, fun, time and effort we used to do. That’s why we decided to take some time and think about the future of Facing Pages. So we’re not saying there will never be a Facing Pages again. Who knows. We hope you understand our difficult decision.  Besides that, one of the reasons why we started, back in 2010, is because we felt there was something missing. There was no physical platform and momentum for makers and enthusiasts to meet up and learn from each other. In the meantime so much has changed. There are a lot of great events about (independent) magazines and publishing around the world. There’s a thrilling online community with several important blogs and websites which continue to amaze on a daily basis.  Go find them and keep doing what we want you to do.  Share, show and tell your stories in the most amazing magazines you can make. And maybe our paths will cross again in the future. Cheers,William van GiessenJoost van der Steen


The past two years many new magazines were published, new platforms arose, re-brands were made and the variety of the magazine world increased even more. This unlimited stream of beautiful mags made by talented people is an everlasting inspiration to us, and the reason why we wanted organised Facing Pages 2014.This year’s biennale consisted of a symposium, exhibition, various mag releases, DIY zine machine, a pop-up store and parties, with which we spread some Magazine Love to the world.We are very proud to have hosted 23 of the best magazine makers we’ve ever met, to have exhibited more than 200 of worlds best and most beautiful magazines and that more than 1.700 people visited our event.
Just remember: Print is not dead. It just smells funny. We love it!