Why Independent Magazines Are Thriving

Gone are the days that as an author, you had to rely on big publishers to get your work out to the audience. A lot is changing in the world, and the beauty of it is that most of the things are changing for the better. Digital technology is mostly to thank as it is has presented so many opportunities. People are now shopping online, studying online and also interacting with friends and family overseas, in real-time. Today, people do not need to be physically available at their work premises for them to work. Access to corporate information has become so easy, as all one is required to have a VPN shortcut on their laptop, and click to access even the staff magazines.

Speaking of magazines, you may have noticed that they are not as ‘dead’ as people predicted them to be by now. Independent magazines are thriving. This is unexpected, but again, the digital era has made everything better. Below are the reasons why independent magazines are doing so well.

Presence of social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, and other digital platforms have paved the way for independent magazines. This is mainly because they have expanded the readership of this work. One is always a click aware of getting their hands on the works of the different authors available. These platforms have made it possible for authors to reach cast and big audiences within a short time.

Removal of barriers to entry

Traditionally, if an author lacked money for publishing, that would be it. Technology has eliminated such barriers and today; authors can get their work to the public without necessarily having money. The digital platforms have given the authors an arena to share their work.

Ability to take a risk

Traditional publications are not something that people would take a risk with. That is where independent magazines beat them. As you may well be aware, growth is not for the risk-averse people. Independent magazines are experiencing growth by the virtue that the authors are given the opportunity to become creative. More so, the success of independent publications is self-motivated, which further leads to growth.

No upfront costs

Here is another reason why independent publications are thriving. The mere fact that you will not have to incur warehouse costs is everything! Purchasing stock that the magazine is not sure of selling will be a thing of the past. The expenses which also serve as a barrier to entry being eliminated and in return motivating more independent authors.

Authors in the traditional era did not get to benefit from digital technology. If you are an author, it is advisable that you take the opportunity and run with it. Independent publications will continue to thrive.