Comparing podcasting with blogging

Are you currently a blogger that is considering podcasting? or probably you are a podcaster who wants to go into blogging? Am sure you will certainly want to find out the difference between both of them.

Now let’s begin by exploring and knowing more about podcasting and blogging please check this out for better understanding.


What this implies is that they both have an RSS feed which makes it possible for updated materials to be distributed quickly all over the internet. Majority of common blogs are usually syndicated via feed readers which automatically perform update whenever there is availability of latest blog post. On the case of podcast, the way they are syndicated is via similar kind of reader for podcasts and one common example in regards to this would be apple iTunes.

Releasing Of Content

Not like some regular content sites, a blog usually releases content with everything going well on a regular basis. Most well-known blogs do up-date daily or maybe multiple times each day it all depends on the News or event they are covering.

As for podcasts they are normally released on a weekly or monthly basis it all depends on the message they trying to pass across among other things, though some do release a fresh podcast on a daily basis. During the process of subscribing to a blog or podcast, you are sure on getting latest contents within a short while, compare to websites which could have articles or content that has been posted since months or years without an update.

The difference between blogging and podcasting

A blog is similar to a website; it’s a place specially developed with the main purpose of hosting contents.

A blog could be hosted for the purpose of podcasting, is also possible for blog to be hosted for the reason of publishing articles, posting videos, picture and among many other types of contents that are available on the internet to be sure that it is secure check this out to get a better knowledge about data privacy.

A podcast could be described as a media file which can be in either audio or video format which is released in a sequential manner and syndicated out to different places.

Which one is best: podcasting or blogging?

You are yet to make up your mind if you want to be a blogger or a podcaster, below are some vital questions you should ask yourself.

•    Which do you feel comfortable doing speaking or writing or both of them?

•    How possible it is for you to constantly maintain the act of posting on a blog daily or putting out podcast on a weekly basis?

•    This could be time-consuming, so how much efforts and time are you willing to sacrifice?

•    What is the main reason why you want to go into blogging or podcasting?

Sincere Answers to the above questions will assist in you taking the decision of with is best for you. But if you are capable you could even do both simultaneously after all some individuals are blogging and podcasting without any issues or whatsoever, it all depends on passion. Now, because podcasting now seems to be trending more in regards to sending information among others, let’s check out its advantage’s.

Two Key benefits of podcasting

Without wasting much time let’s discuss two major benefits of podcasting in regards to passing massage across among others.

1.) It gives you the privilege to connect in a more personal and interactive mode.

When you are speaking directly with your audience, people will start to understand better your kind of person, for the fact that you are being real.

“Each time you are listening to a podcast, that is the voice of someone else in your ear,” according to Sarah Mitchell, who is the director of content strategy in LDM (Lush Digital Media). “This is such an amazing way to communicate personally, what interest me the most is that your audience will be feeling like they have that cordial relationship with you, they will begin to acknowledge your kind of personality.

2.) Time-saver and multitasking

One thing any reasonable person doesn’t joke with is time, these days a lot of people seems to on tight schedules so there is never enough time. For content readers, staying focus and concentrating on a blog normally take a lot of time, when that same effort could be used for something else, which now brings us to the only solution which is multitasking, podcast, compared with any other media, gives anyone the privilege to listen even in the process of doing something else, consider that 12 minutes leg walk from the station to your office.

It’s impossible to read a blog or view videos in the process of walking, but you can actually listen to a podcast, amazing, that means you are learning in the process of walking.

Organizations that acknowledge the potential of audio will use as a big advantage over those that are lacking behind.